Essence: Sweet children, see the Father with the third eye of knowledge and only remember the Father. While seeing this body, do not see it.

Question: What direction have you children received while living in this old world?
Answer: Sweet children, this old world in which you are living is to become a graveyard. There is the kingdom of Ravan over it, and you must therefore not attach your hearts to it. While living here, your intellects should be attracted to the new world. You may live in your households, but become as pure as a lotus. Fulfil your responsibility to everyone. Let your intellect’s yoga be connected to the one Father. Become firm in knowledge and yoga. Due to no circumstances should the mercury of your happiness fall. Have patience and continue to cut away the karmic bondages.

Song: Have patience, o man! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become the Godly Salvation Army and take the sinking boat of the world across. You have to change human beings who are worthless shells into valuable diamonds. Do not be miserly in donating the wealth of knowledge.
2. Attach your heart to the Father and the new world. Have unlimited distaste for this old world.

Blessing: May you be constantly carefree by having the awareness of your unlimited right and by staying in limitless happiness.
Nowadays, even if people receives what is ordinarily their right, they do so with so much effort whereas you have received all rights without any effort. To be a child means to claim your right. You accept Baba as yours and you receive the rights. So, it is the wonder of “myself”, the elevated soul, who has all rights. Maintain the happiness of this unlimited right. This imperishable right is fixed and where something is fixed, you remain carefree.

Slogan: With everyone’s blessings fly at a fast speed and you will easily cross over any mountain of problems.